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Passion and Betrayal - Gennifer Flowers - One of President Clintons ex - girlfriends

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Passion and Betrayal - Gennifer Flowers - One of President Clintons ex - girlfriends

Passion and Betrayal - Gennifer Flowers - One of President Clintons ex - girlfriends

Passion and Betrayal - Gennifer Flowers

Used hardback: .1995 edition  good condition


America's most famous "other woman" talks about her decade-long affair with the president and the furor over its revelation, her exposure to death threats, political duplicity, and betrayal, and her other lovers.

About the Author Gennifer Flowers

Gennifer Flowers is a woman who claims to have had a relationship with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Prior to Bill Clinton's presidency, she also posed nude for Penthouse magazine and was an actress in two films and one TV show. After becoming a celebrity, she acted as herself in two films and guest starred as herself in various TV shows.

Gennifer Flowers came forward during Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential election campaign alleging that she had had a twelve-year relationship with him. Flowers at first denied that she had an affair with Clinton, but later changed her story. After Bill Clinton denied having a relationship with Flowers on 60 Minutes, she held a press conference in which she played tape recordings she claimed were of secretly recorded intimate phone calls with Bill Clinton. Clinton subsequently apologized publicly to Mario Cuomo for remarks he made about the former governor on the tapes. However, news reports at the time speculated that the taped phone conversations between Flowers and Clinton could have been doctored. In December 1996, Gennifer Flowers was invited to talk about her sexual relationship with Bill Clinton on The Richard Bey Show. The show was cancelled the following day. Richard Bey later attributed a direct connection between the two consecutive events. In his presidential deposition in January, 1998, while denying Kathleen Willey's sexual accusations against him, Bill Clinton changed his prior statements and admitted that he had sex with Flowers.

In his 2004 autobiography My Life, Clinton acknowledged testifying under oath that he had not had sexual relations with Flowers while he was with Hillary. It was only on one occasion before Hillary and Bill were together. Flowers sued George Stephanopoulos, James Carville, and others in 1999 for defamation (later amending the suit in 2000 to include Hillary Rodham Clinton as a defendant), claiming that they orchestrated a campaign to discredit her. Judicial Watch represented her in her defamation lawsuit against Hillary's former aides, Stephanopoulos and Carville In 2003, a federal judge further approved appeal. The appeal was revived in 2002, but rejected by the Ninth Circuit in 2004.

Passion and Betrayal - Gennifer Flowers


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