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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

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Thoughtlines by Bob Carr - Used

Good condition paperback: .2002 edition

The essayist-politician is a rarity in modern times, though Francois Mitterand, Roy Jenkins, Roy Hattersley, Conor Cruise O'Brien and Vaclav Havel come to mind.

Few, however, have run a government while pondering as deeply and writing as lucidly on life, literature, nature, art and fame as does Bob Carr in this collection of his published and unpublished work.

The pieces in 'Thoughtlines' show the variety and range of his thought. Marcus Aurelius, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, the beach, the bush, the Olympic Games, the meaning of history, the failure of socialism, heroine, migration, Australian identity are evoked in a way that only a head of government in the thick of the action could do it, in sentences and paragraphs that sometimes reach the eloquence of a Babington Macauley, a Deakin, a Gore Vidal.

In all that he writes of - Australian identity, Aboriginal reconcilliation, the pressure of the past on a society - he shows himself as a man of action and reflection, of eloquence, lucidity and moral courage.

About Bob Carr

Robert John "Bob" Carr (born 28 September 1947) is usually an Australian politician. Brand-new areas such as been a Labor member belonging to the Australian Senate representing the condition of Nsw and Minister for Foreign Affairs since 2012. He previously served mainly because the Premier of New South Wales from 4 April 1995 to 3 August 2005. He holds the record to get a longest continuous service as Premier of NSW. Only Sir Henry Parkes served longer, although Parkes held the office not continuously but on five separate occasions.

In 1995 he became Premier at another close election. His government continued to win big majorities in both nineteen ninetly nine and 2003.

His centrist, cautious government was characterised by conservative financial management and therefore the encouragement of market forces, in addition to a "tough on crime" policy. It was pretty also seen as which included a strong pro-environment character choosing to be committed to curriculum rigour, testing and literacy initiatives in schools. Carr ventured into national policy issues, particularly issues in regards towards the environment, population growth, embryonic stem cell research, Federal-State relations and support to build a minimalist model of an Australian Republic. In the case of economic management, the costa rica government led by Bob Carr from 1995 to 2005 alongside State Treasurers Michael Egan and Andrew Refshauge, delivered ten consecutive budget surpluses.During Carr’s 10 years as Premier net debt was reduced from 7.4 percent of gross state product to zero. Carr claimed his government was the most important in the us history to slim down debt rather than help to increase it. But, he argued, investment in infrastructure was running at record levels during his years in office. He argued that in 10 Carr budgets he allocated billion to new infrastructure and billion to debt retirement.

Carr said public investment was running in real terms adjusted for inflation at 33 percent as compared to the particular typical to make the 1990s and 66 percent higher than the majority of used for the 1980s. He quoted as examples the billion spend located on the new Epping-Chatswood rail link, the .5 billion rail clearways plan as well as 0 million on 140 Millennium trains plus 440 million on other rolling stock. He also instanced the brand new bus transit methods like the 6 million transit way from Liverpool to Parramatta that can help with express way conditions to bus travellers in Sydney’s west. Carr also built more major motorways in Sydney, than almost any other Premier of NSW. These included the Eastern Distributor, the M5 East, the Westlink M7, the Cross City Tunnel and the Lane Cove Tunnel.

Carr boasted of .7 billion on 27 major hospital projects from Broken Hill to Wyong. He particularly instanced the actual brand new St Vincent’s, the brand new sections of Knight In Shining Armor Alfred as well as new Canterbury Hospital. He referred in to the rebuilding of the Conservatorium of Music as well as new Sydney Theatre in Hickson Road.The Carr-led Opposition had backed a motion by independent John Hatton in May 1994 to set up a Royal Commission into corruption on the inside NSW Police. Consequently, Carr inherited the work associated with the Royal Commission and also its reports. In November 1996 among the reports recommended of the fact that government give increased power on to the Police Commissioner to hire and fire all staff, random substance testing of all the police officers, the formation of the police detection commission to detect and audit police corruption. Women and men recommendations sparked strong objection out of the Police Association backed by way of the Labor Council and demonstrations at parliament house by 1500 police. Clearly there was a revolt in Carr’s parliamentary party.

The Premier was adamant the fact that the commissioner must have the increased power inside the event the police force may be rid of corrupt or compromised officers. The legislation was passed. The Sydney Morning Herald stated especially in an editorial that Carr had shown “a steely courage in resisting the pressure belonging to the police association"

On 2 March 2012, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that Carr would fill a casual vacancy from inside the Australian Senate introduced on by the resignation of Mark Arbib, and would end up being the new Minister for Foreign Affairs in succession to Kevin Rudd. Any kind of media conference with Gillard, Carr confirmed that he or she would seek election in direction of the Senate after his present term expired.

Carr was formally chosen to fill the vacant Senate position by using a joint sitting of the NSW Parliament on 6 March 2012. He had been sworn if you become a Senator and Minister for Foreign Affairs on 13 March.

Thoughtlines by Bob Carr - Used


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