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The Ivanov Trail by David Marr -USED

The Ivanov Trail by David Marr -USED

The Ivanov Trail - David Marr - USED

Used paperback: .1984 edition in good condition

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The Ivanov Trail - a bizarre and compelling account of espionage, ambition and power-play David Marr is the author of the bestselling biography, Barwick, and one-time editor of the National Times. As a journalist and lawyer, he covered 'the Combe affair' and the ensuing Hope Royal Commission from beginning to end. He has extracted a gripping narrative from the criss-cross of events, the mountain of transcripts and his own research.
Here at last is the real story of how David Combe, reaching for the big time, came up against a determined prime minister and the government's national security committee. Marr shows exactly what Combe did to attract the special attention of ASIO; why lvanov was expelled; howASIO thinks and works - and involves itself in the personal lives of Australian citizens. Marr's book will create its own controversy. It is both a brilliant expose of security bungling and a fascinating insight into the way the Hawke government operates.

David Combe in 1983, was accused of compromising Australia's national security in dealings with Soviet diplomat Valery Ivanov. The so-called "Combe-Ivanov affair" developed out of a trip Combe and his wife made to the USSR in 1982, in the course of preparations for which they met and developed a relationship with the First Secretary for the USSR Embassy in Canberra, Valery Ivanov. Soon after the formation of the Hawke government, ASIO raised concerns that Combe, closely aligned to the ALP, might be being compromised by a Soviet citizen with KGB links. Ivanov was expelled from Australia in 1983 by Prime Minister Bob Hawke. The highly publicised events were investigated by the Hope Royal Commission into Australia's security and intelligence agencies of 1983-1984, which found that Combe had indeed been targeted by the Soviets. Although targeted, there was no proof of intelligence breaches, nor security threats to the country. There were several cartoons that attribute the commission as being a kangaroo court.

About the Author David Marr

David Ewan Marr is an Australian journalist, author, and political and social commentator. His areas of expertise include the law, Australian politics, censorship, the media and the arts. He writes for The Sydney Morning Herald and appears as a semi-regular panelist on the ABC television programs, Q&A and Insiders. Marr began as a journalist working for The Bulletin magazine and for The National Times newspaper, before being appointed editor in 1981–82. During this period, he oversaw the publication of the articles by David Hickie that detailed long-suppressed allegations of corruption against former NSW Premier Robert Askin. The first article, headlined "Askin: friend of organised crime" was famously published on the day of Askin's funeral in 1981.

Marr was a reporter on the ABC TV program Four Corners (1985, 1990–91), a role in which he won a Walkley Award and the presenter of Radio National's Arts Today program (1994–96). From 2002 to 2004, he hosted the ABC TV program Media Watch. He currently works for The Sydney Morning Herald. He is a frequent guest on ABC TV's Insiders program. During his term as presenter of Media Watch, he played a key role in exposing the ongoing cash for comment affair, which Media Watch had first raised in 1999, concerning radio commentators Alan Jones and John Laws. In 2004, the program's exposé of Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) head David Flint – who had written fan letters to Jones at a time when Jones was being investigated by the ABA – played a significant role in forcing Flint's resignation.


The Ivanov Trail - David Marr - USED


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