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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

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The End of Certainty - Paul Kelly  - The  Story of 1980's

The End of Certainty - Paul Kelly - The Story of 1980's

The End of Certainty - Paul Kelly - The Story of the 1980s

Used paperback: .1992 edition  Paperback book good condition.

The End of Certainty is a classic study of power, personality and national destiny. From boom to recession, Hawke to Keating, and Labor's victory for the 'true believers' in 1993, Paul Kelly has written the ultimate inside story of how the 1980s changed Australia and its political parties forever.

His detailed scrutiny of the inner working of the Hawke-Keating partnership and its slow disintegration, his unravelling of the crippling rivalries for the Liberal Party leadership and his burrowing into cabinet room struggles over the deregulation of Australia's financial system reveal the brutal realities of Australian politics and how it is played at the very top. But above all, he reminds us of the sheer pace of economic and social change the country lived through and the wake of uncertainty it left behind.


About the Author Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly is the author of six successful books. The Unmaking of Gough (1976), later titled The Dismissal (1982), The Hawke Ascendancy (1984), The End of Certainty (1992), November 1975 published in 1995 and a collection of articles Paradise Divided (2000). The End of Certainty was described in The Times Literary Supplement as "the most comprehensive account of Australian polity since that of Sir Keith Hancock half a century ago".

He presented the 2001 five-part television documentary for the ABC on Australian history and character '100 Years – The Australian Story' and wrote a book with the same title. He has covered federal governments from Whitlam to Howard. In 2003 he co-edited Hard Heads, Soft Hearts, a new domestic reform agenda for Australia.

Paul Kelly was Graham Perkin Journalist of the Year (1990) and was a double Walkley award winner for journalistic excellence in 2001. He has written widely on international affairs in America, Europe and Asia and has interviewed a number of world leaders including Tony Blair, Lee Kuan Yew, George W Bush and Jiang Zemin.

A Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, he is currently Adjunct Professor of Journalism at the University of Queensland and a participant in the Australia-America Leadership Dialogue. In 2002 he was a visiting fellow at the Kennedy School of Government and a visiting lecturer at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University.


The End of Certainty - Paul Kelly - The Story of the 1980s


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